Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Brave local volunteers wanted!

If you are going (or even thinking about going) into Washington, D.C. for Inauguration Day and/or the Women’s March this Friday and Saturday (Jan. 20, 21), or, can be talked into going either of those two days, please continue reading.  If you are not going, just pass this along to someone else who may be going, or looking for a good excuse to go.

The '435 Campaign' seeking a few kind and brave souls who are willing to talk to people who might be bored…and face to face invite them to take a survey on important issues. 

Volunteers for this mission will be working in pairs, asking visitors (on one or both days) to fill out a one page survey regarding “US National Security Threats” (see survey below) and then returning the completed surveys to me sometime soon.

The first and most important purpose of this survey is to engage event participants in a brief discussion on the topic.  Hopefully they will answer the survey honestly and return it on the spot.  It is a ‘no-pressure’ ask (if people appear to have no interest in ranking national security threats, just smile, thank them for their time, and walk away).   We will use the survey results for three things soon after:

1.      1)  Personally contacting those individuals who expressed interest in addressing threats before they reach the US…to invite them to participate in our ‘435 Campaign” advocating in all 435 US Congressional Districts for a ‘life, liberty and justice for all’ US foreign policy.  This is a project primarily sponsored by www.globalsolutions.org, funded by www.workableworld.org, and endorsed by a growing list of other organizations supportive of the US full engagement in meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals for the year 2030.  (http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustainable-development-goals/).  We are mainly looking for event attendees who not from the Washington Metro area (This information and the weblinks are for you. No need to learn them or to share them with people taking the survey (unless they threaten you and can run faster than you).

2.       2) Using the results of the survey to generate media coverage of the participants’ views/levels of concern about various US national security threats.
       3) Educating those who chose to take the survey about the growing array of increasingly urgent threats that put both our security and freedoms at risk -- and the lack of political will for addressing the root causes of many of the threats listed.

Thank you for your attention to this request if you got this far!  If you are interested in participating in any other way in preventing Armageddon please let me know…before it’s too late. J.

Chuck Woolery, Leader of the 435 Campaign     chuck@igc.org

FYI:  We will be doing most of our ‘asking’ in warm and dry places like Metro stops, coffee shops, or anywhere else people are standing around in lines looking bored.   Below is a sample ‘introduction’ scripts to use or just great them with a friendly smile, apologize for breaking their train of thought, and ask if  you can talk with them for a few minutes regarding the future concerns they may have.  If they have no concerns…their zombie food…move on.

SHORT Scrip:    Hey!  You look like some who’s interested in national security issues.  Ya wanna kill a few idle minutes ranking them on a one-page survey?  The results are gonna be shared anonymously with the media?  

More formal scripts are available if you decide to join with us.

If you can join with us this Friday and/or Saturday for 2, 3 or 4 hrs, please email or call.   chuck@igc.org  240-997-2209

You can pick your own time, location, and partner…or we can suggest some. 
US National Security Threats survey
Inauguration weekend            January 20-21, 2017

Global forces are increasingly influencing our lives and elections.  Regardless of whom you voted for - your views are now important in determining the priorities for US policies ahead.  Stopping, deterring, or preventing a growing range of threats from reaching our loved ones, our jobs, the environment, our economy, or our nation is increasingly urgent.
Results of this survey will be shared with the media to encourage fair and accurate coverage of the motivations of those attending and their concerns about security threats to the U.S.  Please rate these consistent with your personal view.

At this event I consider myself:   ___ a participant.  ___ an observer.  ___ a challenger

My primary organization/institution affiliation is:  ____________________________________

My Motivations for involvement:   Rank using (3 = High.    2=Moderate.    1= low.    0 = zero). 
___ expressing my patriotism                                ___ expressing my support for the President
___ protecting the environment                             ___ protecting human rights   
___ to watch the event                                           ___ expressing my religious faith                            
___ reducing poverty /income inequality             ___ limiting corporate power
___ expressing my global citizenship                   ___ ensuring access to health care
___ protecting indigenous people’s rights            ___ commitment to justice           
___ concern about the future                                 ___ (Other)  ___________________
Rank risk level the US faces from each threat below (3 = High.  2=Moderate.  1= low.    0 = zero). 
___ Drugs, trafficking, money laundering, political corruption, and other int'l criminal activities.
___ Genocide or other mass atrocities sparked by ethnic, religious, or economic differences.
___ Global warming, loss of species and habitats and/or other environmental problems.
___ Loss of jobs and general prosperity as a result of bad trade, investment, or immigration policies.
___ Economic recession/depression caused abroad but creating US economic, social or political instability.
___ US wage stagnation, shrinking middle class, and greater disparity between rich and poor.
___ Genetically modified organisms released without adequate, research, regulation and control.
___ Mass casualty terrorist attack (cyber, biological, chemical, nuclear…) from foreign source.
___ High casualty terrorists attack from home grown violent religious extremists.
___ Natural disaster (asteroids, solar flares, volcanic eruptions, earth quakes...).
___ Our own government dysfunction.  
___ Polarization of our electorate.  
___ Lack of public trust in government.
___ Pandemics, loss of anti-biotic arsenal, new &re-emerging infectious diseases (Ebola, Zika,..).
___ EMP event from clandestine nuclear blast above US hidden within inbound civilian or commercial air liner.
___ Refugee flows from failed or failing states like Venezuela, North Korea, Sudan, Syria...
___ Proliferation of WMD.     
___ US Budget Deficit.       
___ Global injustices driving some of the threats above.
___ Other  ___________________________________________________________________

I believe the most effective means of making change is: (3 = High.  2=Moderate.   1= low.   0 = zero)
___  Supporting our President                                  
___  Boycotting companies doing harm
___  Adequate funding and support for our US military and intelligence agencies.
___  Educating U.S. Senators and Representatives between elections.
___  Generating media attention on important issues.
___  Democratizing/strengthening the UN system to protect human rights and prevent problems.
___  Voting in the next election                                                ___  Running for elected office myself

___ Please email me the results of this survey.   Email:    ______________________    ZIP code:  _____________    NAME (optional) ___________________________               State:  ________

This survey is being conducted by the 435 Campaign.  For more information contact:  chuck@igc.org

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