Saturday, February 18, 2017

Trump Jokes: What else makes up everything?

I am not a funny person (although my daughter says I look funny). But I love jokes.  I just have difficulty remembering them to share with others and with good delivery.

Getting my delivery down may never happen, but, as a scientist and political activist I believe I have relatively good observation skills in listening for jokes.   And, I’ve heard very few circulating in the general public about President ‘45’.   It’s slightly funny that someone refuses to say his name and offered others a descriptive nick name.  But, I can’t help but wonder why there isn’t a flurry of jokes.   (I made one up, but it’s yet to go viral (go to the last paragraph to need to see it now).

So here’s my question.  Why are there so few Trump jokes?   Yes!  The late night TV shows are ripe with gut-splitting one liners and talented POTUS impersonations.  But none(?) on the street?
It could be my proximity to the Washington DC beltway.  Everyone is either scared for their jobs, scared of being on a POTUS hit list, or fearful of our new leader bringing about the end of the world.  Or, it could be, that he IS the joke.  

In watching or listening to him it’s hard not to turn it off and just smile -- in disbelief.   But even that’s overlaying unprecedented uncertainty.  Uncertainty would have still existed if Hillary was fairly elected.  And not just uncertainty that his words don’t appear to have any real meaning. But, unprecedented uncertainty simply because this clown was elected by 63 million voters with questionable eligibility.  Oh, you think only Democrats and Russians are capable of rigging an election?
According to an expert on evaluating State Department employees for security clearances, our 45th POTUS would fail.  And fail on multiple ‘red flag’ categories.   But now he has access to the nuclear football and ‘the button’ that could ruin everyone’s afternoon, and he really isn’t that funny.  The joke appears to be on us, expecting our ‘We the people’ system would keep us safe, proud, and free.  Unfortunately, it can’t.  Why?   Ready for some ‘truths?’.   We have the capacity to 1) believe anything, 2) be easily distracted from what’s important, 3) don’t do what we know we should do, 4) put party loyalty ahead of patriotism, 5) put ourselves or our nation ahead of all others in the world, 6) seek immediate comfort instead of doing the right thing, and  7) fail to codify fundamental principles into our Constitution’s design of our government system and structures (I warned you I wasn’t funny).  

But here’s my joke anyway:  What do ‘Trump and atoms have in common?’  Answer:  ‘They both make up everything.’   My son he gave an even better answer. “They both have a tiny nucleus and are surrounded by a cloud of negativity.”   Another person offered the punchline, “Neither has a single functioning brain cell”.  I’m sure there are others but I need to think about nonperishable foods and essential medicines I need to stockpile soon.     

I’ve since altered my joke since I learned that everything in the universe is not only made up of atoms, but 'systems and structures based on fundamental principles'.   So here's the upgraded joke. 'What do Trump, Atoms and “Systems, structures, and fundamental principles” have in common?  They all make up everything.  (hint: If we make anything from skyscrapers to governments, without adhering to fundamental principles, there will be catastrophic failures.  

So, here’s the serious punch line:  Until ‘we the people’ codify into our Constitution the fundamental principle that our nation was founded on (the “Self-evident” “Truths” that all people are created equal and endowed  with certain inalienable rights to ‘life, liberty’ and equal justice under the law”) neither our freedoms or our security will be sustainable.

Obviously that's not a joke.  It is a call to action.  We must build a wall! 
A wall so great it will keep the orange haired clown from crashing our system by damaging any one of the other seven structures that are all essential to sustaining our freedoms, security, prosperity, and our earthly life support systems. 

1    1.   A Congress that truly represents ‘we the people’ and not moneyed interests.
2.       An educated electorate that can distinguish between fake news and reality.
3.       A justice system that is truly just, and not just enforcing an unjust legal system.
4.       Freedom of the press
5.       Trust in science and its genius method for discovering what real and what works.
6.       Public trust in all of the above.
7.       Liberty and justice for all (not just American citizens) as we have all pledged.

If this call to action missed your funny bone, Please assist us in building that wall.  I pretty sure Mexico will help pay for it.  

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