Monday, December 26, 2016

Russia hacking helpful to us

In response to:  “Vladimir Putin may have done us a big favor   

Dear Editor,
Mr. Samuelson’s ‘silver lining’ of Russia’s hacking of our election is demands top attention of the next Congress and Administration.    Trump appears to be moving in the wrong direction of turning our nation inward while upping our military ante abroad.   This will only exacerbate the threats to both our privacy and our security.  These threats will grow exponentially – along with the exponential advancements in cyber, bio, nano and robotics technology. 
Mr. Samuelson appropriately agreed with AEI’s assessment that cyber threats should join with the “three great strategic shifts in military history” (sea, air, space) and didn’t understand why their list “omitted” “nuclear power”.   But both missed the greatest shift (equal to or greater than cyber) of  biological weapons.  Cyber technology greatly enhanced bio-weapon's capacity to target genetic profiles of individuals or ethnic groups with unprecedented lethality globally.  Imagine a biological ‘Stuxnet’ virus.  In the late 1990s I was researching “Camel Pox”.  A virus most Arabs were immune to but Iraq was considering for bioweapon development.  Now recall the four word summary of the 9-11 Commission “our failure of imagination”.
Our greatest threat isn’t “the nature of the Internet” or the nature of DNA.  It’s our mental nature to believe imaginary concepts like ‘independence” and “nationality”.   Our life is NOT independent from other nations, the environment, or the seven billion souls we share this planet with.   Things change. Some change exponentially.  Our government was flat lined but now may change radically in the wrong direction.

Once we fully recognize our irreversible interdependence and adjust our government unite the world with “self-evident” “truths” in our Declaration of Independence, and then enforce ‘life, liberty” and “justice for all”, we will for the first time, be able to maximize both our freedoms and our security. 

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